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California Tax Litigation Attorney

To prevail in a case, a taxpayer must prove their case. If you face a serious tax problem requiring an administrative appeal or litigation, you need a tax lawyer who can protect your interests.

An Experienced Tax Litigation Attorney can Mean the Difference

At The Law Office of Howard S. Borenstein, I represent individuals and businesses in all types of tax administrative and tax litigation cases. For over 25 years, I have advised clients regarding tax administrative appeal and tax litigation issues.

As an accomplished tax litigator, I:

  • Evaluate your case to determine if an administrative appeal will produce the best results for you
  • Thoroughly research your case using tax case law to strengthen my arguments
  • Use my negotiating skills to see if a positive settlement can be obtained at the earliest possible proceeding
  • Litigate, if necessary, your case before the Court

Throughout the entire process, my team will monitor your case closely to assure that the administrative appeal or litigation process goes smoothly.

For a consultation with a California tax litigation attorney at The Law Office of Howard S. Borenstein, call 909-984-6305, or contact us online.

Client Reviews

This man is AMAZING!! My husband has always been very difficult to please regarding his Family Trust - which has been re-written over the years probably 4 times. I have never seen anyone be able to explain, clarify, make awesome suggestions and gain my husband’s confidence and admiration like Mr...


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