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Few financial events can be more nerve-wracking than a tax audit by the Internal Revenue Service, California Franchise Tax Board, California Employment Development Department or California State Board of Equalization. Even if one has done nothing wrong and has complied with the tax laws, a feeling of dread often overcomes the business owner or individual upon receipt of an audit notification, whether it is an income tax, sales tax, or employment tax audit.

You can Benefit From a Tax Attorney

An audit does not have to be a negative experience. Preparing for an audit can help you better organize your business affairs.

At The Law Office of Howard S. Borenstein, I advise individuals and businesses who have been informed that their tax returns are being audited, or who are currently involved in an audit. When I talk with you about your tax problem, I will provide a clear explanation of your rights and responsibilities under Federal and California tax laws.

My firm will prepare an effective audit strategy designed to minimize your legal and financial risk.

Negotiation and Representation

Transactions can be structured and interpreted in different ways. My knowledge, experience, and negotiation skills enable me to present your situation in the best light possible. If you prefer, I can represent you during the audit at my office so that you do not have to deal directly with tax agencies. If necessary, I can advise and represent you in tax collection and tax litigation proceedings.

If you face the prospect of a tax audit or have a tax problem, The Law Office of Howard S. Borenstein can help you.

For a consultation regarding Federal and California tax laws with an attorney at The Law Office of Howard S. Borenstein, call 909-984-6305, or contact us online.

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